Environmental Team
Prof Ernest van Dyk
Prof Ernest van Dyk
Position: Professor
Department: Physics
Location: South Campus
Phone: 041 504 2259
Email: ernest.vandyk@mandela.ac.za
Qualifications: PhD, Pr.Phys., Pr.Nat.Sci.
Responsibilities: Head of Photovoltaics Research Group (PVRG), Director of PVinsight

Dr Greg Ducie
Dr Greg Ducie
Department: Maintenance Services
Location: Bird Street Campus
Phone: 041 5043230
Email: Greg.Ducie@mandela.ac.za

Elana Storm
Mrs Elana Storm
Position: Manager: Horticulture
Department: Maintenance Services
Location: North Campus
Phone: 27 41 504 2476
Email: elana.storm@mandela.ac.za

Andre Hefer
Dr Andre Hefer
Position: Sustainability Engineer
Department: Projects & Planning
Room: Building 229
Location: North Campus
Phone: 041 504 1456
Email: andre.hefer@mandela.ac.za
Qualifications: PhD Construction Management
My site: https://za.linkedin.com/in/andre-hefer-10604283