Phase 1 of an overarching R20-million project to increase the amount of return-effluent water Nelson Mandela University uses to irrigate its sports fields is going ahead with completion expected by June 2019. This is one of several on-campus initiatives to save water.

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University’s new R116m Business School is the first in South Africa to receive official “green” design rating accreditation for a public and education building from the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA).

As large solar farms pop up around the country, those who harvest sunlight are determined to ensure their photovoltaic modules (solar panels) are in tip-top condition for a maximum energy yield.

WITH green energy high on its agenda, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University has just tied a wind turbine to the university’s power grid – a first for the university, piggybacking on the linking of solar energy to the campus grid last year.