Corporate Strategic Priorities

  1. Student access and success
  2. Engaged innovative scholarship
  3. Responsible resource stewardship
  4. Transformative institutional culture
  5. Enabling systems, processes and infrastructure
  6. Talented, high-performing staff


2018 Annual Report:

Finance Strategic goals

  • Actively promote the engagement with learners and the community through internships and part-time work within financial services.
  • Provide a financial supportive, enabling environment for research technology and innovation.
  • Develop and implement new innovative ways to improve finance service delivery.
  • Increase and diversify the income base of the Nelson Mandela University.
  • Assign financial accountability to units.
  • Develop implement and monitor an integrated risk management plan.
  • Develop and implement an integrated three year financial plan for the Nelson Mandela University that is aligned with institutional strategies and priorities.
  • Develop and implement resource (staff and financial) allocation models that support and encourage entrepreneurship.
  • Design an organizational and post structure that is strategically aligned with identified focus areas and secures continued effective service delivery, utilizes resources to best effect, eliminates duplications and ensures financial sustainability.
  • Ensure effective financial management at all levels of the institution with a particular emphasis on identifying and eliminating system inefficiencies.
  • Design, implement and monitor employment equity strategies to actively redress historical inequalities and imbalances within the Finance division.
  • Ensure relevant training and development to all staff within the Finance division.
  • Establish and implement an integrated competency-based performance management system at all levels of the institution.