Green Campus Initiative

Green Campus Initiative

GCI is a society that advances the education of the students of the Nelson Mandela University by Creating awareness about conserving our environment, issues around climate change & reducing the University’s Carbon Footprint. GCI promotes awareness campaigns, projects and events, together with other societies of Nelson Mandela University, the SRC and all other faculties to assist the University in reducing our carbon footprint.





eNtsa provides support for enterprises in the first, second and emerging economy (SMEs) within the engineering and manufacturing sector with a specific focus on the automotive component sector.

eNtsa’s vision is:

“engineering innovative solutions for a sustainable future”




World Wildlife Federation (WWF) South Africa

WWF South Africa uses the best science to effectively conserve biodiversity and wildlife, and to protect our natural environments, constantly aware that what we do impacts upon, and requires, people to inspire that change that will benefit us all and the planet we depend on. We work with government, businesses and civil society to encourage everyone to be more environmentally responsible.




AEON - Africa Earth Observatory Network

AEON is a centre for Earth Systems Science (ESS) that provides a research and educational environment to seek consilient knowledge amongst earth and life sciences, engineering, resource economics and the human sciences. AEON is forging Earth Stewardship into a Science that can sustain the planet and its people. AEON fosters cutting-edge, internationally-connected, science and analytical learning using advanced tools and technologies in an environment that encourages interdisciplinary science to explore our Earth, and society, particularly in Africa.




UYILO - E-Mobility Programme

The uYilo e-Mobility Technology Innovation Programme (EMTIP), launched on the 13th March 2013 has been initiated by the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) to fast track the development and commercialisation of key technologies that will primarily support the electric vehicle (EV) industry, with supplementary support towards electric mobility (eMobility) as a whole.